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first white tea spring buds scented with Jasmine, 2022


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Needles King White Jasmine is the top quality of jasmine teas. It has a perfect combination of mild, smooth taste from white tea and pure fragrance from Jasmine.


It is made from the white tea early spring buds harvested in March, unique from its origin, the Tai Mu mountains. The white tea is then scented with top quality fresh Jasmine fragrance from China’s best Jasmine garden, also from the Tai Mu mountains, northeast of Fujian.


The secret of the Needle King White Jasmine lies in its white tea quality and skilled process. Jasmine tea is processed in this way: first, make tea ready as a foundation; then mix it with fresh Jasmine flowers for the tea to absorb the aroma; finally, sort out all the used flowers. The quality of the first step tea foundation determines jasmine tea’s quality. Mostly the tea foundation is made of green tea which is more common and affordable.


Good to know:

Glass Gaiwan or jade porcelain teapot is the best for fine white jasmine tea. 2 g per 100-120 ml, 85-90 °C. Infuse for 2 minutes. Refill up to 3-4 times.

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