Da Hong Pao Rock Tea

165,00 kr

50 g

China’s most mysterious Rock tea


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“One rock one tea, no rock without tea.” Bohea’s unique rocky environment creates special Bohea rock tea, and Da Hong Pao is the diamond of the rock tea kingdom. Da Hong Pao Superior from us comes from later generation tea plants of a limited number of the old tea trees growing on the cliffs.


Da Hong Pao Superior gives a full sensation of rock tea characteristics. The tea tastes mature, round, and somewhat complex with hints of astringent feelings. You will be further overwhelmed by its “rock aroma”, a sort of earthy, rigid but rich and lingering scent prevalent around your nose and mouth.


Tips: Try to pair the rock tea with rich fatty food, an especially good alternative when you will or have to avoid wine.

Good to know:

A Yixing clay or fine porcelain teapot is the best for Da Hong Pao SUPERIOR rock tea, 4 g per 3.8 dl, 95 °C. Infuse the first time for about 20 seconds, ready to serve; the second time shorter than 1 minute; the third time a bit longer……   Refill up to 5 times.

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Weight 50 g