Mo Gan Huang Ya Yellow Tea

235,00 kr

50 g

spring buds before April 10, 2024


Our selection is made of one-bud-one-leaf tea harvested in April. Its infusion color appears transparent yellowish-green. It tastes refreshing and smooth, giving a feeling of the early spring season.


The Mo Gan mountains lie in the west of Zhejiang, famous for its foggy clouds, green bamboo forests, crystal clear streams, and waterfalls. The local tea farmers follow traditional processing procedures, especially the special heat-steaming method.


Mo Gan Huang Ya is China’s oldest yellow tea dated back to the 4th century Jing dynasty. It was well described in the world’s first tea book “The Classic of Tea” by Lu Yu (733-804).

Good to know:

Glass Gaiwan or glass teapot is the best. 2 g per 120 ml, 90 °C. Infuse 2 minutes. Refill up to 3 times.   


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Weight 50 g