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spring buds before April 10, 2024


We select Bi Luo Chun from the historically protected Xishan hill beside the beautiful Taihu Lake in Jiangsu, east of China. The tea plantation, for centuries, has always been in a surrounding environment full of varieties of fruit trees, such as peach, pear, cherry, and date. Bi Luo Chun tea plants are naturally enriched by a fruity fragrance.


Bi Luo Chun the three words vividly illustrate the feature of this green tea – it appears lively green, its tiny spring tea buds coiled up like delicate rings. It tastes subtle and refreshing, with a hint of fruity scent.

Bi Luo Chun” is an honorable name given by the Tsing dynasty emperor Kangxi. In 1675, Kangxi traveled around Taihu Lake and the local governor Sung Hun contributed 50 g of a green tea. The emperor tried and was impressed by its fragrance, he thus asked about the tea’s name. The governor answered that this tea was called in the regional dialect as “Amazing Fragrance”. Kangxi thought for a while, took up his ink brush, and proudly wrote down three characters, 碧螺春 – Bi Luo Chun, which read “Green, Ring, Spring”.


Good to know:

Glass Gaiwan is the best for fine green tea, 2 g per 100-120 ml, 80-90 °C.


extra care:

pour in 1/3 water first, then put in Bi Luo Chun; wait for half a minute,  and then fill in all the water, infuse 1-2 minutes (the lower water temperature, the longer time). 


Refill up to 3 times.

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Weight 50 g

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