Needle King Pomelo

285,00 kr

35 g

white tea spring buds harvested in early March, 2024


Needle King Pomelo has a subtle and elegant taste, with a delicate pomelo fragrance, delightful to our mind and soul. An absolute experience!


Pomelo flower-scented tea is processed in the same way as Jasmine tea: first, get tea ready as a foundation; then mix it with fresh Pomelo flowers for the tea to absorb the aroma; finally, sort out all the used flowers. It is the quality of the foundation-tea that determines the pomelo-scented tea standard. Mostly it is of green tea. Of white tea is a higher standard!

Good to know:

Glass Gaiwan or jade porcelain teapot is the best. 2 g per 100-120 ml, 85-90 ┬░C. Infuse for 2 minutes. Refill up to 3-4 times.

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