Lychee Queen white tea jasmine

128,00 kr

Lychee Queens (48-50 g) 2024 new arrival!


It is one of our best sellers!


Our selection is made of white tea spring buds harvested in March from the white tea origin the Tai Mu mountains, northeast of Fujian. The springs buds are bound up together by hand into a round form that looks like lychee fruit.


Steeping in water for a few minutes, the tea opens up like a real flower blossom in water, it is a piece of art in a cup.

Good to know:

A glass Gaiwan or a glass teapot is the best. 


1 Lychee Queen per Gaiwan , 95 °C water. Infuse for 3-4 minutes till it fully opens. Refill up to 3 times. 


If you choose a 200ml glass teapot, the tea comes to be more delicious when combined with our White Jasmine Silver Pearls. 1 Lychee Queen with 1 g pearls (6-8 pearls).

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Weight 50-55 g