Guanyin King

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50 g

spring best season harvest, 2024


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Guanyin King is the high point of Oolong beauty. Oolong tea has more than 70 varieties, mostly named according to their own peculiar features. “Tie Guan Yin” in Chinese means “Iron Goddess – as heavy as iron in quality and as fine as Goddess in fragrance and taste, and Guanyin King is the top quality.


The hometown of Oolong tea is Anxi county of Fujian, southeast of China. The subtropical mountain area has a mild, warm, and foggy climate with plenty of rain and sunshine; its deep, brown soil contains rich organic mineral components. Anxi has a long tea production history dating back to the 7th century Tang dynasty.


Our selection is made from top leaves hand-plucked in spring. The tea is mid-level fermented according to the traditional “Anxi Tie Guan Yin Processing Procedures”. Our selection has one special point, it goes through a careful roasting process on a charcoal fire.


The tea appears like tiny pearls curled up in a spiral. Notice the color: lively, full-bodied green, dotted with oily-brown nuances (from the stems and edges of the leaves).  It is a beginning step to gain confidence in its quality.


Tasting Guanyin King is an enjoyable treat for all of our senses! The tasting can be done conveniently by a fine, preferably white porcelain Gaiwan, 2 g for 100 ml water, 90 °C. Infuse 6-7 seconds, take up the lid and smell the inner side of the lid – a fresh fruity aroma all around the nose……. Take a look at the tea, wow! the pearls open in the full bloom of green vigor and health. The zig-zag edge of the leaves shines light brown, a trace of mild charcoal fire roasting effects.

An ancient Chinese poet praises Guanyin King Oolong tea: “though its taste has not yet met my tongue, its fragrance has already embraced my nose”. The tea tastes silky smooth, nutty, and really refreshing. It has a long-lasting, juicy sweet-bitterness in the aftertaste.


Tips: at an afternoon tea, Guanyin King pairs best with chewy and crispy dessert, such as meringue cake.

Good to know:

A teapot made of Yixing clay or jade porcelain is the best!

4 g per 3.8-4 dl, 85-90 °C.

Infuse the first time for about 20 seconds, ready to taste; the second time less than 1 minute and the third time for a bit longer…… Refill up to 5 times.

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Weight 50 g