West Lake Longjing Pre-Grain Rain

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50 g

West Lake Longjing has been listed as the top of all other teas in China since the 17th century Tsing dynasty.


West Lake Longjing” is a legal term, referring exclusively to Longjing tea with its raw materials from the original West Lake Longjing tea area. It is selected strictly in spring “one bud and two leaves”, plucked once a year, processed by masterful hands using traditional “Longjing Ten Frying Methods”.

West Lake Longjing” green tea is incomparable for its “Four Beauties”: perfect Form, golden-green Color, dense and long-lasting Aroma, and refreshing Taste.

Modern medical research, especially the latest research achievements of the Swedish Karolinska Hospital, has proved conclusively that high-quality fresh green teas contain unique tea polyphenols with catechins and EGCG, proteins, amino acids, and various kinds of vitamins essential to health.

Good to know:

Glass Gaiwan or glass teapot is the best. 2 g per 100-120 ml, 90 °C. Infuse 2 minutes. Refill up to 3 times.   

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Weight 50 g