Bohea Souchong Longan EXLUSIVE

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an exclusive black tea from its premier origin, Tongmuguan village in the Bohea mountains


It is one of our best sellers!


Bohea Souchong (“Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong” in Chinese) is produced exclusively from its origin, the Tongmuguan village locating at the north end of the Bohea mountains. “Souchong” the English word comes from the indigenous dialect ”xiao zhong小种”, which means “small-leaf species “Camellia Sinensis tea plant unique in the region.


Our selection Bohea Souchong Longan black tea is a Chinese government’s protected “Origin of Production” product, also certificated by OCIA of the USA, and BCS of Germany, and JONA of Japan.


The tea is well-known for its pine-smoke aroma. The characteristic is achieved by a special fermentation process, which is combining smoke from the local pine trees into its oxidization procedures. More distinguishedly, the complex process results in a smooth and mellow flavour called “Longan” style. Longan is a sub-tropical fruit, adored by the natives for its delicious taste and nutritious benefits. The Longan soup tastes similar to the tea flavour. It explains why this black tea is named Bohea Souchong Longan. It is the integration of microclimate, environment and Tongmuguan village tea farmers wisdom that gives rise to this world-class black tea.


Tips: Longan or Lapsang?

Bohea Souchong has two styles classified by its flavours, Longan and Lapsang. Longan is the original style; Lapsang style was created two centuries later for export purpose. The Chinese mostly know and appreciate Longan flavour while the western world knows almost only about Lapsang.

Good to know:

A Yixing clay or fine porcelain teapot is the best for Bohea Souchong Longan black tea, 4 g per 3.8 dl, 95 °C. Infuse for 2 minutes. Refill up to 5 times.


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