Old Tea Tree Dian Hong

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“Dian Hong” literally means “Yunnan Black tea”. Yunnan, neighboring Tibet, lies in the southeast of the Himalaya mountains.  Yunnan is home to the Camellia Sinensis plant. Over there in the tropical old forests, there are huge Camelia Sinensis trees older than 2000 years. Just take an example here: in Qianjiazhai village, on 2450 meters above sea level in the mountain, there grows a tea tree over 2700 years old, it is 25 meters high, and its root diameter 1.2 meters.


Our selection Old Tea Tree Dian Hong comes from a tea plantation amongst the legendary old forests. It is finely processed according to traditional methods by the indigenous Bulang ethnic tea farmers.


Your experience starts already when opening the packaging – you will catch a wild forest fruity fragrance, really impressive. You will also be surprised to see its appearance, bold, flamboyant dark brown leaves……. Steeping in water for 5 seconds, the tea turns brilliant brown. It tastes smoothly mature, with a sort of wild forest flowery sweetness. It has a long-lasting, mildly astringent aftertaste, leaving your mouth clean and slightly dry.


Tips: you may try to enjoy the tea together with or after fatty fishy food.


Good to know:

How to brew Old Tea Tree Dian Hong black tea?


Quick, frequent, plus a Yixing clay teapot.  


4-5 g for a 380 ml teapot; 85-90 °C.


Quick: infuse 5-6 seconds only! at the first and the second brewing. Avoid over-cooking.


Frequent: refill up to 5 times, each time wait for appr. half-minute longer. 

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Weight 50 g