Enshi Hairy Needle

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100 g

The name tells its origin (Enshi) and quality (hairy needle, i.e. the spring tea buds).

Enshi Hairy Needle is made from early spring tea buds, carefully processed with traditional 25 procedures! The tea appears neat, lively dark brown. Steeping in water for just 1 minute, the tea gives a transparent golden color with a delightful fruity aroma. A pure white jade porcelain Gaiwan might be the best to prepare this black tea considering its appealing color for our eyes. The tea tastes smooth and mellow, blended with honey sweetness.


Tips: Enshi Hairy Needle is rich in selenium thanks to the high-selenium soil in the mountains. It is a suitable warm drink for late autumn and cold winter.


Enshi is rich in natural resources, 80 percent of its landscape is subtropical forest. The evergreen mountains provide the tea plantation ideal microclimate, its annual sunshine time is 1400-1500 hours and its frost-free period is about 220 days. The most unusual is its soil, which contains plenty of minerals, especially selenium. Enshi is praised as China’s ”treasure of selenium”. The black tea contributes us valuable health benefits.

Good to know:

A fine porcelain teapot or Gaiwan is the best for tender black tea. 2 g per 100-120 ml, 95 °C. Infuse for 2 minutes. Refill up to 5 times.

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