Bailing Gongfu SUPERIOR

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50 g

Bailin Gongfu SUPERIOR is made of spring buds and leaves harvested from the small-leaf Camellia Sinensis tree growing in the Tai Mu mountains, northeast of Fujian (where the White tea originates).


It is a delicate black tea. Steeping for half a minute, the tea gives brilliant golden infusion color; its leaves neatly remain in the bottom. It tastes mellow and fruity, with a soft sweet aftertaste.


The Chinese two words ”Gong Fu” mean ”lots of time and efforts”. The tea requires skilled and complex handwork including 12 processing procedures!


Bailin Gongfu was firstly recorded in 1851 in Tsing dynasty ”Wu Yi Anthology” (武夷志). It has been appreciated as one of the best black teas in China since the last century.


Good to know:

A Yixing clay or fine porcelain teapot is the best for the fine black tea. 4 g per 3.8 dl, 95 °C. Infuse the first time for 1 minute, the second time for 2 minutes…… Refill up to 5 times.

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Weight 50 g