Rock Tea with Qin Character Jade Porcelain Tea Caddy

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This offer includes:

  • A Qin character jade porcelain tea caddy
  • 50 g Da Hong Pao Superior rock tea 

The jade porcelain is finely handmade. The Chinese character in blue on the tea caddy is “Qin”,  the classical seven-string zither, a symbol of Chinese culture and music. (You could refer to the book “Qin” written by the Swedish sinologist Cecilia Lindqvist.)


Tea caddies in porcelain are ideal for keeping tea fresh.


Rock tea Da Hong Pao Superior is one of our best sellers!

Da Hong Pao Superior gives a full sensation of rock tea characteristics. The tea tastes mature, round, and somewhat complex with hints of astringent feelings. You will be further overwhelmed by its “rock aroma”, a sort of earthy, rigid but rich and lingering scent prevalent around your nose and mouth.


Tips: Try to pair the rock tea with rich fatty food, an especially good alternative when you will or have to avoid wine.

Good to know:

The jade porcelain Gaiwan fits 2 g of the rock tea.

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