Fine White Tea in A Keep Tea Fresh Tea Caddy!

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This offer includes:

  • 50 g Special Grade White Peony 
  • one Keep Tea Fresh porcelain tea jar 


Special Grade White Peony is made of one-bud-one-leaf White tea harvested in early March 2020.

It is a fine white tea from the unique white tea origin the Taimu Mountains in the southeast of China. The tea gives a rich and round taste with a sweetness on the finish.


White tea is praised as “a tea closest to Nature”. It is unique from the White tea cradle, the Tai Mu mountains in Fuding county, northeast of Fujian.  The tea is processed with care in traditional methods by the Tai Mu local tea farmers. Thanks to the light process, fine quality White tea keeps well all its health contents, such as vitamins, Tea Polyphenols, and free amino acids.

Good to know:

Keep Tea Fresh porcelain tea jar is 300 g in volume.

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