Pu Er Mini Bird’s Nest

120,00 kr

50 g

It’s an easy start for your Pu Er feeling. It is lovely tiny ones, each fits for a small Yixing clay teapot. It conveniently provides a joyful moment of old Pu Er delicacy.


“Pu Er” is actually the name of an old small town of Simao district in Yunan, where the tea had been collected for trading and distribution in history. It is pro-fermented, of large-leaf Camellia Sinensis growing thousands of years in Yunnan old sub-tropical forest. Yunnan, neibouring Tibet, lies in the southeast of the Himalaya mountains, it is the great cradle of Camellia plants evolution.


Pu Er is very special for its ageing – longer years, more sophisticated; older, mostly higher valued. Over several centuries, for the ease of trade and transportation along the ancient tea route by horse caravans, it has deveoped to a phenomenon that Pu Er tea is processed and pressed into various forms: bricks, bird’s nests (tuo cha), cakes, golden mellons……

Good to know:

How to brew Pu Er tea?

A small  Yixing clay teapot is the best.  

1 Mini Bird’s Nest per 3.8-4 dl water, 95 °C.  

  • pour in water, infuse half a minute, immediately pour away;
  • And then pour in new water, infuse 2 minutes, ready for serve.
  • Repeatedly brew 4-5 times, each time infusing about 2-3 minutes. 

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Weight 50 g