Yixing Clay Teapot “Pine Tree”

1.760,00 kr

800 ml. 

Yixing is a town in Jiangsu, southeast of China. The town has been worldwide known for its Yixing Clay Teapot. In Chinese, the name is “Yixing zi sha hu”, word for word in English is “Yixing purple clay teapot”. The clay, first mined in Sung Dynasty (960-1279), contains iron, quartz, and mica, and it can be found only in Yixing area.


A teapot made of the unique Yixing clay is an excellent brewing vessel. It has a fine and solid texture, which can withstand sudden high temperatures. The clay is full of pores, which constantly absorb and release the flavor of tea and thus give different levels of aroma, color, and taste. A beautiful Yixing clay teapot is also valuable as a piece of art, it becomes a part of Chinese tea culture, exactly like Gaiwan.

Good to know:

A 800 ml Yixing clay teapot fits approximately 12 g of tea.

Free for you!

A 2 g wood teaspoon!