White Hair Silver Needles

285,00 kr

50 g

the first White tea spring buds harvested in early March 2024

Mild, fresh plants’ aroma, light yellow infusion, appealing subtle taste.


It is a tea closest to Nature! It is unique from the White tea cradle, the Tai Mu mountains in Fuding county, northeast of Fujian.  The tea is made from early spring tender sharp-end tea buds covered with white hairs. The hairy tea buds are carefully spread out on bamboo mats in the sunshine until they get dried and wither naturally. On rainy days the tea buds are moved indoors and laid upon a mild low-temperature charcoal fire. Thanks to the light process, fine quality White tea keeps well all its health contents, such as vitamins, Tea Polyphenols, and free amino acids.


The Tai Mu mountain local tea farmers have more than one thousand years of life experience and knowledge in using White tea for keeping health, especially one-year-stored “White Hair Silver Needles” to release fever from measles.


Good to know:

Glass or porcelain Gaiwan is the best. 2 g per 100-120 ml, 80-90 °C. Infuse for 3 minutes. Refill up to 3 times.

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Weight 50 g