King of Oolong

150,00 kr

50 g 

2023 Autumn best season harvest


King of Oolong is specially processed from a blending of several varieties of Oolong tea,  a refined style by one of the most experienced Oolong experts in Anxi, the Oolong tea hometown.


King of Oolong gives you a luxurious experience of Oolong beauty, thanks to its flowery fragrance, bright and golden color, and rich taste.


The hometown of Oolong tea is Anxi county of Fujian, southeast of China. The subtropical mountain area has a mild, warm, and foggy climate with plenty of rain and sunshine; its deep, brown soil contains rich organic mineral components. Anxi has a long tea production history dating back to the 7th century Tang dynasty.

Good to know:

A teapot made of Yixing clay or jade porcelain is the best! 4 g per 3.8-4 dl, 85-90 °C. Infuse the first time for about 20 seconds, ready to serve; the second shorter than 1 minute and the third time for a bit longer…… Refill up to 5 times.

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Weight 50 g