Phoenix Dancong Oolong

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Phoenix Dancong in chinese is Fenghuang Dancong. Fenghuang literally means phoenix, the Chinese mythological bird. As for the name of the tea, it refers to the Fenghuang Mountains, where this famous Oolong tea comes from. Dancong is a specific species of the tea
plants growing in the Fenghuang mountains. It was selected and cultivated over time because of its outstanding quality.

The Fenghuang Mountains lie in the north of Chaozhou, a beautiful
northeastern city of Guangdong province, bordering Fujian and facing
Taiwan. Chaozhou is a legendary place known worldwide for its historic and cultural heritage and immense tea tradition, the distinctive “Chaozhou Gongfu Way of Tea”.

The mountain ranges have a subtropical maritime climate, as the locals say, “the winter is not too cold, and the summer is never too hot”. The region also features a red and yellow sandy soil. The fertile soil comprises varieties of mineral and organic nutrients, which help the tea plants flourish.

Our selection is made from tender leaves harvested in April, the best season. It is processed with great care and skill in the hands of the local, experienced tea masters. The tea is excellent for its sweet fruity fragrance, smooth and round flavour with long lingering aftertaste. It appeals both mentally and physically. A traditional Chaozhou Gongfu tea ceremony displays its best characteristics!


How to brew Phoenix Dancong tea?
Yixing clay TINY teapot or fine porcelain Gaiwan
100 °C, 4g tea per 1 dl
Refill 7-8 times!

1. warm up the teapot or Gaiwan, put in the tea, stir it up and
down half a minute;
2. evenly and slowly pour in water, infuse about 15 seconds,
ready to serve;
3. the second brewing infuse 30 seconds, the third 50 seconds,
and so on…… each time about half a minute or
one minute longer.

The tea pairs perfectly with chewy and crispy desserts.

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